[Question] Emit from specified vertex color?


I explore particles, and I found that Location module can emit from Vertices + Valid Material Indices.

As I understand, Valid Material Indices can’t be changed with layered materials, because you know…

I want to simulate gradual burning of surface.
In case of hard surface I can expand initial location or toggle few emitters one by one.
In case of soft surface I can animate skeletal mesh, which emits particles.

But lets imagine that we have some cloth, for example flag, with vertices colors = black.
We can touch it with torch, and it’s vertices becomes to fill with white color (by special algorithm).

In emiter, we have set:

black vertex color = spawn 0;

white vertex color = spawn 10.

So, from touch point, with some speed, we will get gradually burning surface.

Is it possible to add special Particle Module with such behavior (emit from mesh vertices with specified vertex color)?

It’s not a request, it’s just a question :slight_smile:

Thank you!

It’s certainly possible and sounds very useful! We don’t have plans to add that functionality right now though.