[Question] Dynamic GI and Area Lights

I just found this tutorial: (Dynamic GI & Area Lights), but should this be avoided for UT multiplayer levels? (DM,CTF, etc) Is there a massive performance loss if I follow this guide? Thank you.

I don’t really have any valid reason to use it other than making the map “look pretty” or to practice using it in a level.

For UT I don’t think you can enable that feature–it also is very limited in capability and has poor performance.

The UT engine version is not at all the same engine version you have here, even if you handle to enable the LPV, you will get a about 30FPS drop from a normal scene without light baked as reference with the series 700GTX Nvidia.

The quality of the Dynamic light is not pretty good, and you will enter in problems soon, and that system is not final.

As last problem, lets say you enable that and work in your computers, other users don’t have this enabled and not sure if you can enable it in the game version to preview the effect.