[Question] Does anyone know whats happening with this lighting?

As far as I can tell its not making a lightmap for this dynamic object on the bottom, or its completely in shadow so when its in the light it becomes really full bright. All Im doing in the image is using the default shoot in the first person blueprint template to flip the default retextured box.

Dynamic objects do not get lightmapped.

Hi Daniel,

I am attempting to reproduce this issue, but I am not getting the same results. It is rather strange that it is appearing unlit on the bottom, but is on the top and sides. What lights do you have in the scene? Could you provide a 3/4 angle of the object so I can see two sides (one with and one without proper lighting). Also if you could attach the material’s uasset so I can test with the original would help greatly.

Thank you,


Okay the issue doesnt seem to be limited to that one material but Ive attached it anyway just incase its related to my material workflow. That file can be located on the FTP dropbox under my username (MonsOlympus) because it was 12.5MB.

Here are two of the 3/4 views, Im not sure if theres anything going on there wrong.

I have 2 lights in the scene but Im almost certain it was doing it before I tweaked the lighting and that was the reason for me trying to adjust the lights.

As you can see this is pretty much the default first person blueprint template Im working from. I have played alittle bit with assets but Ive spent a majority of my time working with blueprint.

I understand what you are doing now. There is a known issue about materials on movable objects going “unlit” in a very similar way. Our developers are working on this. I hope that is has not inconvenienced you. Thank you for your report, if anything else is behaving oddly, please let us know.

Ahh thats cool, yeah its not a huge issue for me currently I just saw it and wasnt sure if that was whats meant to happen with my settings or not :slight_smile: