Question about using static vs. stationary vs. movable meshes in my neighborhood map

For purposes of rendering efficiency, should all the little details like phone poles, fire hydrants, fences, cars, tree foliage, and grass foliage be set to static, stationary, or movable meshes?

Also, what lightmap resolution should I use for my landscape that is default size?

Any other efficiency protips I should know?

If you’re using static lighting, then anything that doesn’t move should be set to stationary.

The landscape will already have the default lightmap resolution. You’ll soon know if it’s not enough, because the shadows will look like rubbish.

There is also a nice tweak: Even though you’re using static lighting, you can set the parameter ‘dynamic shadow distance stationary light’ on the directional light. Then you can use dynamic lighting for just the bit around the player, but keep the baked shadows slightly further away.

Best of both worlds.

Thanks man. Doesn’t look like that tweak is available on my 4.26 though.

This is from 4.26: