Question about unresolved guid from clients

I’m using client-side projectile hit detection for a project I’m working on and am curious over what to do about the following warning about unresolved guids:

LogNetPackageMap:Warning: UPackageMapClient::InternalLoadObject: Unable to resolve default guid from client: PathName: CharacterMesh0, ObjOuter: NULL 

It occurs from calling Server_Reliable_SendDamageInfo on a client like so:

FHitResult Hit = SweepResult;

if (HitMesh->GetBoneIndex(Hit.BoneName) == INDEX_NONE)
	Hit.BoneName = GetHitBoneCorrection(Hit, Projectile, HitMesh);

FDamageInfo DI = CreateDamageInfo(Projectile, SweepResult);

Server_Reliable_SendDamageInfo(DI, HitPawn);
return true;

Where FDamageInfo is a struct holding some basic hit information and HitPawn is a pointer to an APawn child class.

Because it’s possible that the client shooting the pawn with a multi-projectile weapon could be sending one or more RPCs when the HitPawn is already dead (for example, a bunch of shotgun pellets hit and send RPCs in rapid succession, even if the HitPawn died to the first pellet), this warning can appear in fairly frequently and multiple times.

Is there something I should do or should I be concerned at all if HitPawn being unresolvable is expected to happen frequently?

Thanks for reading!

Having the same problem in UE 4.23. Thought using an isvalid node would clear this, but it appears the error happens on the customevent call.