Question about setting an animated (color-changing only) static mesh for static mesh component.

I only know how to set a static mesh onto a pawn, or a custom actor. It goes like this:

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UStaticMesh> FrameMeshObject(TEXT("StaticMesh'/Game/Meshes/Test_Cube_Mesh.Test_Cube_Mesh'"));
if (FrameMeshObject.Succeeded()){

I was wondering what else should I need to add if I just wanted my static mesh to animate with a color-changing ring on the cube. I was thinking that if a static mesh has an animation attached to it, even if it’s static and not bipedal (just a cube with a ever-changing square ring on one side), should I make the static mesh as SkeletalMesh?

I looked on Wiki to see if there is an article about color-changing animations for a static mesh in C++, yet I haven’t found one. It could be me personally not knowing what to search for, or nobody rarely animates a color-changing material in C++?

If anyone could give me hints, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.