Property has been unmapped longer than normal?


I am having multiple, continous error messages in my game when using the in-editor multiplayer.

LogNet:Warning: FRepLayout::SendProperties_r: Property has been unmapped longer than normal: Owner
LogNet:Warning: FRepLayout::ReplicateProperties: Properties have been unmapped longer than normal: MyCharacter_C

What do these means ?

Thanks !

Does no one has any idea ?

Hi Gwenn,

This warning actually goes away in the next update since we’ve moved some logic to the client, and this warning doesn’t exist in this context anymore.

Long story short, an unmapped property is a replicated reference to another actor when that referenced actor hasn’t actually been replicated yet (due to latency, packet loss, or sometimes relevancy for example).

In the case of not being relevant, you could see this spam for a very long time and in this case was benign.

No worries though, this warning has been completely removed in favor of a better way of handling it!