Projection Mapping technique to projects video files on objects?

Great project, Dementium4ever!

I have one issue. I can successfully project video files during preview, but as soon as I package (Windows 64bit) none of the projections show up. This holds true for the vanilla project file with default “no_input_texture” and with my modified project that is set up to play mp4 video clips.

Am I missing a step before packaging the project?

Hi Dementium4ever,

really great work! Exactly what I need for my bachelor thesis.
The “Field of View” slider is supposed to scale the projection?! It does not seem to do anything right now, or am I missing something?

Edit: Nevermind. It works when playing, but not in the Preview.

+1 great work. I’ll make sure to follow this, and store a copy somewhere

@Quacker42 For the movies to work after build you have to put them in a folder called “Movies” in the root of your folder structure. Does this solve the problem with your mp4s?

**@Dementium4ever yes, all videos are in Content/Movies

Oddly, I briefly got a successful compile when I copied the construction script contents from the Projector_Final blueprint and pasted them into the event graph, but I haven’t been able to repeat that success.**

Is it possible to project onto invisible / hidden / 100% translucent actors? You framed the question earlier but didn’t see an answer.

This is very cool!! Would be there the option to mask the blacks so there will not be proyected as in real world?

Was easy… just multiply the resulting emissive for the opacity…
I multiplied too the emissive because in my scene with no AutoExposure I was getting just a gray proyection.

Nice good work !

I will test it in the next few days. For now, everything is okay. :slight_smile:

The first thing I have to try to do. It’s about making a look at camera With.

Thanks for your share !

Ok !!

I found a new question!

If I want to use a scene capture in the same scene instead of a video. Is there a solution?


Somebody can help me on this one :slight_smile:


Hi @Dementium4ever and @Scribbler Thanks a lot for this.

I am attempting to use this in VR and I’m not seeing any results. I have a VR pawn that has a camera. I am also making sure the Media player is playing in the Level Blueprint and the video file is in the Movies folder. I seem to be getting audio, but no video in VR (projection does work in non-VR mode) Any ideas? Maybe a way to connect to the two cameras in the level?

Thank you!

@**Scribbler, RyanB and @Dementium4ever, what an amazing project!!! It should indeed be native in UE.

I’m trying to use a screenCapture2d->renderTarget as a texture but get errors for all the material instance’s vector parameters:

Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property Material Inst”. Blueprint: Projector_Final Function: Execute Ubergraph Projector Final Graph: EventGraph Node: Set Vector Parameter Value

Any clue on how to make it work with scene capture?

I’d like to be able to use several instances of this setup and limit its texturing to selected objects only, would it be possible to implement such option?**

Thank you in advance.

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m trying to do the same thing basically.

What are you looking to do specifically?

Hey all that might still browse this thread, I’ve been trying to project an image that is twice the size of the current projectors aspect ratio. I edited the vector 1 and vector 2 values in the Blueprint to 0.5 as seen in the image and in the preview display am getting exactly what I want in the next image. The final image however shows what happens when I hit play and I’ve tweaked every gosh darn value I can and it doesnt seem to be helping. Any advice or help would be extremely appreciated

Hi guys!

Thanks for this very handfull tool!

I´m not sure if this thread remains active, but, I´m using this script to project a video in an irregular object, and I would like to cast some shadows from objects that are in front of this object (i disabled the Decal for the objects in the first plane and all works perfect).

I did not found a way to cast shadows in the material that cames from camera (the decal from camera). I know that this is not the main idea, but, is this possible?


Do we have an updated technique of this in latest 4.26?