Projection Mapping inside UE

Tasked with creating a virtual mockup for a LED wall virtual production studio inside UE.
Only have a couple days to complete.
One requirement is that the LED wall be dynamic in terms of curvature, from 120 to 270 degree wraparound.
My understanding is that to be physically accurate any video texture or image would need to be projection mapped on to this curved screen from the camera’s vantage point.
Am I mistaken?

What projection mapping tutorials can I reference to get from zero to hero in the next day or so?

With such a short deadline, you might check the marketplace, there is some stuff, that deals with Camera mapping/Projection mapping.

Otherwise take a look at this thread here:

and scroll down to _Scribblers answer, that includes a download with a project for projection mapping. maybe this can help you.
A little bit further down is another solution, that seems to be an improved version, made by Dementium4ever. (his version on Github: )

Edit: Do Lightfunctions work with videos? A light with a video acting as a beamer should do it too. Because i saw this video here, where someone modified the light function blueprint to work with flipbooks. So maybe this might work with videos too:

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Regarding light functions, if you use a video texture in a light function material with a Component Mask Parameter, you can create 3 material instances from that base (each with R, G and B selected respectively) and then add 3 lights attached to one another with those light function materials assigned & their colors set to match the component mask channel they’re using. That’ll give a full RGB light function.


Honestly that approach seems ridiculous, but I do love clever hacky solutions.

Yeah, couldn´t remember at the time of writing, if Lightfunctions actually suport color or are just black and white. Had the same idea of 3 lights later, and as it turns out, you don´t need to modify anything, just smack your video into a simple material for the light functions and mask each color channel properly, and throw it into 3 lights, one for each color of the video ^.^

A fast test with 3 point lights:

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