Projecting an image on the ground

I’m not quite sure on how this would be fully implemented in your case but i think using decals would be the best way to do this.

Hey guys,

I’m making a third person game.
Now i’ve been working on a way to project an image on the ground whenever i press a button to show me the range where in i can spawn my monsters and do my ablities. Kinda like the games Smite and League of legends. When you press 1,2,3 or 4, you get different abilitys with different ranges and effects.

I’ve tried things like drawing textures and creating widgets, but i cant seem to find a way to project them at the ground like on the picture. I tried line tracing, so the texture can appear on the line trace hit but i’m running out of options to the point where i am desperate for an answer for my problem…
Does anybody have an idea or already knows how this can be done?

Many thanks for anybody taking his time reading my question! Any help will be appreciated!


That indeed is already a great step ahead… it even adepts to the rest of the game as shown in the video. Now lets see if i can make a decal appear in a certain range ahead of me with number 1 and make something happen in that range with my mouse button. I’ll let you know when it works! Thanks!

Not a problem, good luck :slight_smile:

From the screenshot the game looks pretty nice!

Yeh well that was the example screenshot from the game Smite :smiley:
I’ve not reached that point of decorating the game yet.

But i can now show my ability range like in the screenshot using the deferred decal. thanks!