Procedural mesh and baked lighting

Hello, I’m generating a procedural mesh in the construction script of a blueprint. I have no problem generating the mesh but when I bake lighting the mesh is not affected at all. If I create a static mesh from the procedural mesh the default lightmap resolution is too small, but once I increase this value the static mesh version bakes just fine.

For testing purposes my procedural mesh is simply a one sided plane with 4 vertices, 2 triangles and a square UV set.

Is there a way to get procedural meshes to be baked with static lights? Or do they already do this and I’m doing something wrong?


…I don’t know if it’s relevant but Unreal needs meshes with thickness to calculate proper lighting… if you could try with a simple procedural BOX instead of the plane…

Hello, are you sure planes don’t get lit properly? I converted the procedural mesh to a static mesh, and the static mesh version seems to light properly.

How are you convert procedural in static?