Procedural foliage. Polygon artifacts from meshes to the origin.

After using the procedural foliage spawners in the UE5 I observed very strange visual glitches of the generated meshes. Polygon lines like artifacts that starts from the tree meshes generated by the spawners that go all the way to the world origin:

I used the Procedural Landscape Ecosystem pack (PLE - Procedural Landscape Ecosystem in Environments - UE Marketplace) for the procedural foliage generation.

I can alway rise the landscape and everything in the scene up, so that the line artifacts will be pointing down, but that is a really ugly workaround, and I’d like to find the solution.

Have anyone ever come across artifacts like these? Any help would be really appreciated!

I’m having the same issue with PLE + UE5. My only solution so far is to remove the pine forest (the main culprit) and birch forest spawners. I haven’t noticed any issue with the rock spawner. If anyone finds a way to fix those I’d love to know.