Problems with Paper2D Tilemap

Hi there Im having an issue related to Paper2D and importing tilemaps. I’m having difficulty designing my diamond isometric tile map using UE4 due to floor tiles automatically placing themselves offset from the grid space.
So I’m attempting to use Tiled to design my tilemap which is designed the way i want it but wont import into UE4 as I constantly find some error with my map so i really ned help finding out what missing.

Steps to follow:

  1. On Editor Content Browser I right click and select Import
  2. I Select the JSON tilemap and open into editor
  3. A Datatable Options Menu appears selecting between DataTable, CurveTable, Float Curve & Vector Curve
  4. Error Messages Appears as follows “Cannot Find Property for Column ‘0’ in struct” & “Duplicate Row Name ‘0’”

Im not sure exactly what is missing in the tile map or what needs to be changed to the import so I’m really hoping I can have some much needed clarity to fix the error.

Hello BeePro01,

Would you mind providing me with the JSON file you mentioned for importing?

There is another thread about this issue that you might want to take a look at as well.

Isometric Tilemap Rendering Issue


link text

This link has the test tile map. Any help is much appreciated

Hey BeePro01,

Myself as well as another teammate were unable to import the .JSON file you provided. On his end it actually crashes the machine, but on mine it asks for a ‘Parent Class’ as if it were importing a blueprint which was bugged and fixed internally already.

Just for informational purposes would you provide me with your ‘dxdiag’ if you are on a PC? If you are on a Mac, could I get your system specifications/information?

Is there another .JSON file you can provide so we can test your issue on our end?

If not, I will go online and try and find an example to test with in order to reproduce the issue you are experiencing.


In terms of my hardware there isnt anything wrong with it and it performs well in all other aspects. I used Tiled 0.11.0 to create the JSON file so I don’t know what is missing from the file that would cause the Unreal Engine to crash. The Error messages I noted in the first post appear when I import the map without the sprites. When i import with the sprites included it causes Unreal to crash on my system as well. I don’t have another example because any tile map i do make with Tiled doesn’t work.

Hey BeePro01,

Would you be able to test an external .JSON file not made with Tiled 0.11.0?

If you are having troubles after attempting to import a different .JSON file not created by you, please let me know. If it imports correctly, then we can assume the error is not with the Engine.


Hello Andrew.

Anything I’m creating with the latest version of Tiled isnt working. As the examples I create crash my unreal program. Im having a hard time finding any examples on the net. Could you recommend an example that i can use or download from the net so i can try it with the engine.

Many Thanks

Hey BeePro01,

There is an application you can try for free called ‘Texture Packer’ which does a fantastic job of organizing sprites into a sprite sheet.

Texture Packer

Try this application out and see if you can’t get a working sprite sheet to import correctly into the Engine. If you are still having trouble or need further assistance let us know.



texture packer is good for sprite sheets (.png files) but not the actual tile map i want to upload. I’ve noticed the json file i’ve posted opens in Notepad is it possible if you can see any error in the file itself by looking at the array in the file.



Hey BeePro01,

I am not sure if you are restricted by when using the free version, but you can also create a JSON Array and Hash with TexturePacker.

TexturePacker JSON

I am not sure what I should be looking for is the issue, so opening it in Notepad probably will not be of much help. That being said, I am looking at the file now through Notepad and noticed the x and y values for some of your images are really large? Perhaps this is what is causing your JSON to not import properly.

X and Y Values

Thank you,

Yeah the program creates a sprite atlas/sheets and I need a tile map with layers for collision detection. Its a good idea but it doesnt do what i need it to
Also in regards to the map itself the tiles width and height is 128x64 with 128 cells in width and height so its suppose to be big