Problems with IK bones with UE4 -> UE5 retargeters provided in 3rd person example

I am converting my UE4 animations to the new UE5 skeleton (manny and quinn) using the UE4 UE5 IK retargeter provided with the default 3rd person empty project.

Animations are converted to the new skeleton and look properly, however when showing the ik bones (ik_foot_root, ik_foot_l … , ik_hand etc) these are not at their correct position.

I could attach an example animation or pose, but first I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this issue and how to notify the developers.

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I have the same problem. @E_PepeGamer , have you already found a solution?

Nope. Also, I think I saw these bones marked as deprecated? I am not really sure about this though.