Problems with dynamic nav mesh

Hi everybody! I have a problem with the dynamic mesh: when I set it in the Project Settings → Navigation mesh my characters make just a step and then stop moving, but when I use a static navigation mesh it’s all right, they can move wherever they want.
Do you know why is this happening? I followed some tutorials, but they’re all referred to old versions of the engine, and they cannot be done using the 4.9 version.

Thank you

I resolved my problem. My character affected the navmesh, so he had a null nav mesh under his feet. I think characters should never affect nav mesh.

I used affect nav mesh for pathfinding other actors,in my example, if character doesnt move, it has affect nav mesh and other actors can find way around this actor, because moving character has no applied affect nav mesh

Yes, it was one of my tries, but it didn’t work well im my case. In fact I’m making a RTS and when I give the selected character the order to walk, he makes a step and nothing more at the first try, because the navmash needs to be updated. It is better to use the CrowdFollowingComponent in the AI controller.