Problem with top down Game

Hello everybody out there,
perhaps someone can help me. I’m a totally newbie to unreal engine 4 and really dont know anything about it, so perhaps my question seems stupid, but I cant solve my problem.
I’ve started a new Project(top down game) and everything works fine. The camera moves with the pawn, the pawn moves while touching the mouse, but when I create a new Level the pawn won’t move at all. I’ve tried to use the character blueprint instead of the Player start, and changed the Settings, so the blueprint will be the Player Controller, but it wont work either. I hope someone can help me, and you understand my question, cause my english is very bad and I dont know the exact words from the engine, but I
've tried. Iknow it’s a silly question and if I would try around or understand the engine, I wouldn’t have to ask, but I’m totally new in game development and I have to learn a lot. So please help me to understand the Knowledge of the engine, I really want to learn. I’m glad about every Detail and description about the engine.
At last, I wish you a nice day, if you can help me or not and good luck with your Projects.
Great sucess

You need to add a NavMeshBoundsVolume to your level and scale it up so all area that’s accessible to your pawn is covered with it.

Thanks a lot, Pepeeee. This solved my Problem. I guess there is a lot to learn for me, about programming and this engine, but i will keep trying. Good luck and great sucess for your working. Keep doing.