Problem with shiny/reflective materials

UPDATE: I have figured out what the problem is (I think). I think this may be a rendering bug on Metallic materials, when using a setup Dynamic Lighting only setup. IE: turn off Static Lighting, then tick Force No Precomputed Lighting" in World Settings".

UPDATE 2: A day or two after I originally posted this, my hard drive suffered catastrophic failure, and it was only a few days ago that I was able to get it replaced. Today I’ve got UE4’s editor running again, but the problem has seemingly gotten worse, and now there are zero reflections at all.


I have a large mesh which acts as a water surface. I have noticed that there is some darkening of it along the edges. How do I get rid of this?

Screenshot below:

EDIT: Actually, something seems to be very wrong with reflections. It almost seems like they’re being “inverted” somehow.


EDIT 2: And, I’m seeing reflections where I shouldn’t be seeing reflections, as shown below (in case it’s not obvious, that sphere is very small and close to the camera, while the underlying water mesh is huge). Further info, the effect on the first image is more pronounced if the camera is pointing at a downward angle, and less if it is pronounced upward. Adding in a Sphere Reflection or Box Reflection object appears to have no effect.


Hi Zauber,

What you’re seeing is the Screen Space Reflection (SSR). Some settings for this can be adjusted in the Post Process Volume for improved quality, but the issue you’re seeing with it disappearing parts of the reflection or the sides disappearing on the first image is because only what is visible on screen can be reflected. If it’s not in the view it will not be in the SSR. This is where using Reflection actors and skylight can help give better results.

You mention that adding the reflection capture gives no results, make sure that your engine scalability settings are set to Epic. Also, in your project folder delete the saved>Config and intermediate folders.

If you’re still having issues beyond this, try creating a simple new project and see if the reflection capture actor is working correctly. This can narrow down if it’s a project specific issues or more far reaching.

Let me know.