Problem with low poly tree leaf material :(

Hello, I create this topic because I have a problem with a material that I am creating, and I would like to be helped with a problem that I have. I am creating a material for the leaves of a tree with a “low poly” style, the goal is to move to make them look more natural, the problem is that when you see the material, you see an error and that is that the mesh does not remain joined.

This is the material I use:

my goal is for the material not to separate the vertices and to be seen in one piece :slight_smile:

If anyone has the solution to this problem, I’d really appreciate it.

Hi, how did you get the sharp edges in your mesh? If you duplicated the vertices in your 3d program to get the sharp edges and then imported the mesh into unreal, then you will get what you’re getting right now, cause the vertices you have duplicated to get the sharp edges will be moved separately.

For example if you would use blender and apply a “edge split” modifier to get the sharp edges, then that would be the wrong way.

The gradient you are applying to the UV channel is the culprit. That should be applied to local space along the Z axis. You’ll have to divide the Z axis value by the height of the object (object height in cm).