Problem with Foliage + Scaling / LOD

Hello, anyone can help me with this problem?
When I’m in foliage mode it’s normal, but when I’m in object / game mode SOME trees disappear, yes, not all of then.
This started to happen after I turned on this scaling option

A test with the 100-density brush

When you zoom in, does the foliage come back?..

Sorry for the late replay, for some reason the forum dont notify me, anyway… My problem is about LOD, I cant use it on foliage, works fine if I’m only placing the object (without foliage)

And I cant find any tutorial bout this…

Hi - I don’t see anything strange so far. The LOD depends on the proportion of screen the object is using, if you start scaling, objects will take less / more screen accordingly.

Have you tried experiments with standard assets? ( kite demo - for example )