Problem building anaglyph post-process effect (shifting red and green+blue channels)

I’m struggling to build the anaglyph post-process effect. I tried to follow this tutorial by Maico G., I got my cameras and render targets setup, but I have no clue how to make a post-process effect.

This is what I build based on a tutorial image:

(yes, my map is covered in gray and black textures - thought it would make it easier to test)

and the end result I’m getting is this (cropped) :

it leaves me totally puzzled. I want to create something like that:

Meanwhile I’m getting what seems to be merged Red and Green channels… I honestly have no idea what happens there, if anything I would expect mostly white with shifted red and cyan, or simply greyscale image, but not yellow. If someone could explain me what happened - I’d appreciate, though still the more important matter is:

How do I achieve expected anaglyph effect?

I just did a quick experiment to see how I could help out. I found 2 methods that produce identical results.

First one I add 2 versions of the scene texture by 4Vectors one set to 1,0,0,1 and the other to 0,1,1,1

The second I just the masking method and then use an “Append Vector” to combine them.

I also add a 2 vector with a smallish value to a texture coord node and plug that into one of my Scene Textures, that adjusts the offset of the effect.

I just noticed that I may have gone a little far… try using an “Append Vector” instead of an add.

Great, thanks a lot! Replacing Add with Append Vector is working flawlessly :slight_smile:

Issue with misaligned Scene Capture 2D

Sadly it did not took long and I’m stuck once again.
Previously I used 2 cameras for 2 eyes, but this ends up rendering the scene 3 times - for eyes + main camera. So I went to optimize it, by using SceneTexture:PostProcessInput0 as a left eye and a Scene Capture Component 2D as a right eye.

However for some odd reason they are badly misaligned:

It seem that location and rotation are wrong. Even if inside of my blueprint I put them both into location 0,0,0 - it’s still wrong

It looks like something very obscure, so just in case - you can download my test project here (on play use mouse to look around, WSAD to move, G to relocate AnaglyphRight scene capture backwards (-10 on X axis), blueprint is called FlyaroundCam )

Any suggestions what I can look into?

So: I found out that it works fine once you package the project, but is broken in the editor preview. That’s good enough, I guess…