Probably Old Question ; Metalic Materials Are Black?

Quick question, anyone know why there’s such a huge difference between Unreal and Substance Painter?


And before you ask, yes I do have a cubemap.


I have a Skylight and a reflection capture and a distant light.

This is how my textures look like;


I never truly understood it so any help would be gladly appreciated!


i think something is messed up with the pics in your post. nothing is showing up on my end.

Your images are broken, but try using the Advanced Lighting Map included with the starter content to get a similar lighting setup to Substance Painter.…/Content/Packs

There is a shader on substance share that adjusts substance painter’s viewport to look a little more like Unreal.

Metals always end up looking quite a bit different in unreal vs substance. I understand there is a difference in how it handles the base color/albedo of metals. Generally if your metals look black in unreal either 1) your base color is too dark or 2) the mesh is not receiving enough light or reflection info, which can be helped with baked lighting and reflection captures.

Thanks for the replies. Dunno why my images broke. The Advanced Lighting prop really helped, when I add it to my level, its metal sphere looks okay.

I did some tests and there really is a really big difference between Unreal’s metals and Substance. ((I have yet to test that mod Nerdsbeware))

For example here’s a material with 100 percent white Albedo, and 1 Roughness.

In SP it’s a matteish color, in Unreal, only the directional light is matte, the reflection disappears entirely.

At least it works with 100 percent albedo and 0 Rough.

I suppose my problem came from me using the default materials as a base, I assumed those were properly calibrated.
Here’s what happens if I use Iron Galvanized.

It seems. At least while I’m not using the Unreal Shader mod for SP, that literally anything over 0.2 Roughness results in pitch black metals.

Here’s how 0.2 in roughness looks like and I guess I’m fairly happy with it.

Anyhow I did this write up hoping that other people will benefit from it too. There is an insane difference between how Unreal and SP handle metals, and I will be sure to check out that Unreal Shader in Sp to see if it works better. Thanks everyone!

What does your material editor look like? You probably need to uncheck the sRGB checkbox on whatever textures you are not using for albedo.

Yeah I’ve unchecked sRGB in all of my tests shown above.