Prevent Point Light affecting Volumetric Fog?

I am using volumetric fog in my scene. It catches the sun-rays nicely as they stream into my cave like environment. However, I am using point-lights in places in order to catch the edges of certain meshes, as my game is 2.5D, and I am trying to create a greater sense of depth in my scene. However, even when I turn the “Volumetric Lighting Intensity” down to 0 on my various point lights, they still emit a nasty fog cloud around them, making it very obvious where they are placed in the level, when really they are meant to be fill lights.

Changing it to 0 still lessens the effect, but it doesn’t remove it completely like I’d assume.

Any way of preventing these lights from interacting with the fog? (I have them set to static as well)

I’m trying to achieve the same thing with the point light, have you found a solution?