Prefabricator - Open Source Prefab Plugin

Hi Ali, thanks so much for this. This seems like a solution and extention for the Snap Builder in your excellent Dungeon Architect package on the marketplace. Will yo be doing any videos on them combined ?

This looks amazing. With this plugin Dungeon ARchitect will be so much more.

until this is on the market you are not allowed to do anything except work on it.
I was going to get into that soon but have decided that due to this coming out I will NOT until then so I dont have to worry excessively on rebuilding.

Thank you for this soo much this looks amazing, and the run time is great.

you can sleep…i just realized you had the download on there. I was looking on the market…teehee

An amazing addition to UE4. You Rock! [USER=“28980”]Ali Akbar[/USER]

Thank you!

AMAZING!! Very good job.

amazing work.

I just want you to know you converted a person using unity.
They were worried about not having the prefab system that I guess comes stock there?

And now they are moving to unreal. Grats. That’s a badge of honor.

Btw, haven’t got to deep with it yet. But looks/works amazing with just basic stuff i’ve done so far so a great addition for everyone

Awsome… Thank you for creating this and making it free. :slight_smile:

Epic should give you a grant to keep making tools like this. Well done!

For anyone who comes across this and who hasn’t looked at the author’s Dungeon Architect yet, I highly recommend it!

Looks great!!!

Hey Ali Akbar great tool, after Dungeon Architect that I bought without even thinking, the tool that made me move from unity even if there is already that, guilty :P, can’t wait to see this on the marketplace even for a price, I imagine it will perfectly work with Dungeon Architect yes? I would also pay for integration with other different other marketplace environment themes like integrated already, I think you can sell something like this, have the plugin ready if you want it to be free and sell the ready made themes :), kind of feels wrong not to pay you for this great things, it realy takes time, I know that very well.

Thank you everyone for the kind words :slight_smile: Seeing you folks find this tool useful makes all the effort worthwhile

Uploaded a new version to the website (v1.0.4). Right now it has only the windows build. I’ll upload Mac build later today

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed a mobility bug with prefabs
  • Added whitelist platforms to the plugin descriptor as per the marketplace requirements
  • Added categories to all blueprint UFUNCTIONs so it doesn’t cause compile errors on engine source builds (thanks Lukasz “iniside” Baran)
  • Added authors page
  • Added undo transaction on prefab creation

Version 1.0.3

  • Added whitelist platforms to the plugin descriptor as per the marketplace requirements

Version 1.0.2

  • Added Marketplace url in the plugin descriptor file
  • Updated the year to 2019 in copyright header of the C++ files as per the marketplace guidelines

Thanks very much, especially for giving this away for free! It looks really interesting but I’m curious what the benefits are of using prefabs instead of blueprints construction script?

Uploaded Mac version of 1.0.4 on the website

It will support from 4.21 onward. There are a few things I need exposed from the content browser module that 4.19 doesn’t have

Yes they are marketplace assets.

I’ve updated the video description with the art asset credits

Sure. Prefab randomziations will DA will work great, I’ll have more info soon

This is simply awesome! Can i put individual interactable actors inside prefabs? like health potions in shelves and such, then be able to actually interact with my actor?