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Prefabricator extends the UE4 editor to support Prefabs. Prefabs help in dealing with multiple items as a single unit and improve your level design workflow

User guide:
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Prefabricator is free and open source Github]

With nested prefab support and powerful randomization features, Prefabricator opens up interesting options for building your levels. Along with extensive editor tooling, there’s also runtime support so you can use Blueprints to spawn prefabs in standalone builds

Combine similar prefabs into a prefab collection asset, e.g. decroative prop prefabs can be combined into one decorative prefab collection asset. Place this single asset all over the map and have Prefabricator select a prefab from the list. If you don’t like a certain selected prefab, click and randomize them individually.
This also works with nested prefab, letting your build very interesting randomization strategies. For e.g. you could create a set of larger LevelChunk prefabs of the same size. Then combine those into a LevelChunkCollection asset. Build your room layouts by dropping in these level chunk collection asset. This way you can randomize your entire room and make it look different everytime the player starts your game


Contributors](prefabricator-ue4/ at master · coderespawn/prefabricator-ue4 · GitHub)

  • Ali Akbar
  • Lukasz “iniside” Baran

Your contributions and pull requests are welcome!


What! This looks amazingly useful :slight_smile: Great work and thanks for sharing.

How much of this will be accessible during run time?
I’m guessing they are pretty set once put in a level?

If I am wanting to put an “infinity” dungeon in a mobile project.
When exit a level it will create an empty level. And basically i’m using DnD style tile set sections that it will spawn during loading to create the next floor.
It would be nice If much of this could be set up to work on construct.So that the level would look different even if ended up with same layout.

Thank you

@Cultusfit You can spawn your prefabs at runtime. You can also randomize them at runtime. If you build smaller level chunk prefabs and use them to build your rooms, you can randomize the room to make it look different, like in the gif above. You can then make this room another prefab and reuse it

[USER=“28980”]Ali Akbar[/USER] Thanks alot!

Awesome tool [USER=“28980”]Ali Akbar[/USER] ! Thanks!

Now, that’s something!! :slight_smile: Thank You whoever made that!

@NilsonLima @motorsep @Thunder_Owl You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve submitted to the marketplace for review. In the mean time you can grab the binaries and source from the website:

Edit: The marketplace version will also be free

Does that mean it will be paid version later?

No it will be free. Having it in the marketplace makes it easier to install from the launcher

Can you make a demo project based on the free Ice/Fire Infinity Assets? It would help a lot to see practical use from an expert!

[USER=“28980”]Ali Akbar[/USER]

Do I need to do anything special to have it working with UE4 built from source (non-Epic fork of UE4) ?

Hello [USER=“28980”]Ali Akbar[/USER] wonderful work. I have all my level designer friends freaking out about this.

Some user on discord reported that converting a prefab to one single static mesh doesn’t merge the materials, I don’t know if this has something to do with the plugin but I thought it was worth pointing it out.

Again, wonderful job, big kudos.

[USER=“28980”]Ali Akbar[/USER] just great work. Thx a lot.

I appreciate you making this plugin free, though I would’ve paid money for it. This will be a great addition to Unreal’s toolset.

Sure, I’ll create samples soon

It should work with source builds as long as your engine modifications haven’t introduced any breaking changes ofcourse. Let me know if you face any issues. The current version is compiled against 4.21 stable build

@vorixo Thank you for letting me know. I’ll have a closer look

Please question: when this comes free to Marketplace / Launcher - will it have support for lower UE versions, 4.19? Thank You.

This looks awesome. Are these assets all from marketplace packs? Which assets are used in the dungeon @2m? How about the city @0:20s?