postprocess banding and border falloff

Hi guys,

I am wondering about the postprocess effects. More precisely how they handle borders. I created a scene with a luminous sphere. I also added a post process volume to get the bloom effect active. However, I noticed (most probably because the scene is dark) that the effect falls out further out to the left of the image (which is what I prefer) But on the right hand side, the effect fallout happens inside the image (which is not what I want) And to make matters worse, on the top and bottom of the image (if the bloom source are there) I get a terrible banding effect across the entire image.

My guess here is that the same border effect I see on the right hand side, propagates several times when coming from the top and bottom. I have included an image of the effect. This happens every time, and you can duplicate this yourselves by creating the same kind of scene.

My question here is that, since I most likely need to rewrite the bloom shader, I am wondering where I can find it in the source code? Or if the post process is handled differently, if I could get some pointers as to where I can look? Unless you plan to fix this yourselves of course? :slight_smile:

Best regards/