Post-process Volume component not working at runtime

Hi there,

Im having a very strange issue. I have a water blueprint that contains a box volume as its root. I’ve added a post-process component as a child of the volume and made the PPV bound. The PPV takes the size of the parent and everything works as intended during PIE.

However, as soon as hit Play or Simulate the post-process effect doesnt work. I have another PPV in the level that is set to Unbound with a priority of 0 and my water PPV with a priority of 1.

Ive made a 1min video showing my issue - UE4 PPV Issue - YouTube

I would appreciate any help or guidance on this.



I conducted further tests - UE4 PPV Issue2 - YouTube

I added a box volume to the level and added a PPV as a child - this works!
I created a test actor blueprint with a box collision as root and added a PPV as a child - this works!

My water blueprint has a box collision as root and a cube mesh AND a PPV as children - this works in editor, but not when I hit Play (or Simulate).

Hi, just a quick checks. Did you try to Play with the unbound PPV disabled (or deleted)? if the issue persist check if your water PPV have a lifespan (that happened to me).
Also check if it shows in game mode in editor (G shortkey while in viewport)


We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.


Thanks for the reply AyanMiru!

I disabled the world PPV (unbound) and saw no difference. I also made the water PPV to Unbound and it works! It looks like the only time it doesnt work is if the water PPV is set to bound.

How would I check that the PPV has a lifestime? I looked everywhere but couldn’t find this option.

Btw, I did some further tests by creating a new actor BP with a root volume and added the post-process. It works. I also added a volume to the level and made a PPV a child, and this also works.

The only difference between my water blueprint and the test blueprint is that I have a cube mesh as a child of the volume as well (along side the PPV). But this works in the editor, yet doesn’t work at playtime.

Here is the additional test:

Thanks Sean,

I’ll submit a bug report with the new form.


Seems that the problem with this (running 4.19 here) is that you have to tell the shape the PPV is a child to (in the blueprint) to overlap traces with cameras. I’ve been banging my head for 3 hrs to find this out but this is how it works (not sure this was the case with older versions of the engine but this is how it is now)

Sorry for asking again… i got the same problem, can anyone show me the solution with captures?

I’m working on a archviz project and my knowledge of programing is near 0… xD


My ppv works when i am building the scene but stop when i press play.