Post Process Effects

Hello there! Question for you lovely people, I am trying to use post process in such a way where I don’t have to enter the volume to activate it. For example :


I would like to make it so that everything within the red sphere is black and white and does not require an actor to be inside. Anyone know how to do that? Either through blueprint, code or even just a setting I missed somewhere.


That would be my desired result. Thanks in advance!

you mean like a filter. Perhaps you could just make a material that creates the desired effect and then apply it to a sphere with no collision.

I might have one way to sorta do this but it wouldn’t work at all angles and such. In fact this would only really work from a reduced perspective like a top down or side scroller game.

Place a staticmesh of the shape you want and set Render Custom Depth to true.

Create a new Unlit Masked material with a 0 value for Opacity Mask.

Now the actual mesh wont show in game and you can use the custom depth in a material post process (blendable layer) to desaturate just the pixels where the cube is. This approach kinda sucks as nothing will occlude the render on the custom depth and even the background you see through cube area is going to be desaturated