Possible Causes of Disappearing Actor in Networked Game?

Game Info:

  • 2 player co-op puzzle map
  • Peer to peer networking via Steam online subsystem.
  • Client is running on my laptop, the host on my desktop.
  • This example is NOT using LAN.

in this level, the two players get separated, and later see each other across this gap. However, sometimes the following scenarios happen:

  • The client actor is invisible to the server (The host can see both pawns, but the client can only see their own pawn)
  • The client and server actors are invisible to each other (Both players can only see their own pawn)


Where should I start looking to debug this issue? What I have tried so far:

  • I tried setting Always Relevant checked on the character blueprint classes.
  • I tried setting Net Dormancy to never on the character blueprint classes
  • I tried increasing the Net Cull Distance Squared on the character blueprint classes

Resolved. The issue appeared to be unrelated to any particular replication setting.

The problem was that I had an event to open a door after solving a puzzle that was getting called every tick. This involved some RPC calls, which I believe caused significant network congestion.

The ‘door open on server’ code should have only run once. After making it only run once, the actors no longer disappear.

Hi Zcanann,

I am having same problem and can’t find why player disappeared on other clients.
I have posted my question if you can help (Link below). Thank you.

Not sure about your particular problem. You could try building out your game in Core (an engine for multiplayer games built on top of Unreal)

They have a Battle Royale sample that you can get working in like < 5 minutes