PopcornFX Free Editor Itegration

So, popcornFX has recently released a free editor for anyone to download and build fx in, and it says that you get “instant feedback within the game on every platform”. Was wondering if that means we can integrate said particles into UE4, and if so, how would we do that, as I cannot seem to find anything on how to integrate these fx into anything. (I am assuming that while you may be able to view the FX in a game for free, you will have to pay a licence fee to actually ship your game with their FX, though again, the info on this is sparse at best.

Hi Knobbynobbes

We are currently working hard on the plugin, and will release it as soon as possible. You can count on it before the end of the year!
We’re planning to have 2 levels of plugin :

  1. A free version on all “simple” platforms (PC & mobile), able to play existing library effects (customizable, of course but it won’t let you play effects of your own creation).
  2. A fixed price or subscription version, fee depending on platform(s) and allowing to play your own effects.

Similar conditions are planned for the Unity3d plugin.

We are still mainly targeting AAA studios for full integration of PopcornFX, but we’re doing our best to have something more accessible and to be more clear on the business models.

Thanks for your interest!

where i download ue 4.11 popcornfx plugin free?


the PopcornFX UE4 plugin is not free but has an accessible price for personal usage,
you can view pricing and have more informations on this page : UE4 PopcornFX Plugin 1.0.0 Released ! - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums!