Point lights overlap x errors?

So I’m wanting to make my horror game with some realistic lighting but the issue is I’m getting x errors on them saying " it’s overlapping " is this a very common thing that happens like? is there anyway to fix this without having to remove all the lights in a room. My room has 1 point light and each room is class as one room for each building if you know what I mean. e.g this hotel I’m building has 2 rooms with 1 point light in each room but when I had 5 rooms next to each other I get an x error about ab point light overlapping…

The overlap limitation is only for stationary lights. You can use static or moveable lights instead. Or adjust the attenuation radius.

okay thanks I will give that a try and also another error I found is when I put windows in, they say something about an light overlap error of some sort but I’m not sure what it means

Lightmap overlap percentage? That means your lightmap UVs are overlapping themselves.