Point Lights, how do they work

I don’t understand fully how the point lighting in Unreal actually Works, a few tips would be helpful. When I put several of these point lights in my level, like in doing my cave part of the map and change the color of the light I want, they do the lighting fine, but then one by one the Lights get a Red Cross through them and they won’t render their lighting no more as they used to, I don’t understand what this error actually means.

How do we avoid getting the bad red crosses on the point lights?

Only 4 or fewer overlapping stationary lights can have static shadowing


Try changing the lights from stationary to moveable or static.

Only 3 lights can share the same attenuation radius at a time. To correct the error try decreasing the radius or set the light with the red X to static

Only just 3 lights you can overlap? Hmm, In Red Faction’s Red Editor they allowed up to 63-64 lights on a given face before causing lighting texture troubles or turning the face purple if there’s too many lights in a given area and up to 1000 lights. I see, so you have to set light on static to allow them to overlap.

Now the red crosses have dissapeared and its showing up my lights again.

It’s not the lighting it’s the shadowing.


If you’re just looking for fill lights disable the shadowing on them. Unless you need the shadowing for something.

I haven’t look at shadowing disable yet. there are several shadowing options in the panel, which one do I disable?

If you don’t need shadows then disable “cast shadows”. That, I think, should disable all shadowing from said light(s).

no if you’re in a dark area like a cave, and you need lights to see where you are, I don’t think shadows would help the lighting much so they can go off.

Doing so should remove the red cross and allow you to light the cave as you want. :slight_smile: