Point lights creates streams of light to [0;0;0]

Branch: Binary

Build version: 4.7.0-2448202

Detailed description of the issue:
Every dynamic point light creates beam of light to the middle of the map.
Length of the beam depends on the attenuation radius.
Spot lights still works properly.
There is no difference if floor is static mesh or BSP.



Hi Vaidas,

I’ve tried to reproduce this in 4.7.1 but cannot get the same results. Can you update to 4.7.1 and let me know if you’re seeing the same results?

Also, is this only happening in this particular project or have you tried this in a new blank project and been able to see the same results?

For reference here is a screenshot of my test:


I have upgraded to 4.7.1, same result.
I only get this bug in my project.

I have found a solution. I have created new blank map in the same project and lights work properly there.

Okay, I’m glad that works for you. If you get more definitive steps to reproduce I would be interested in investigating further to prevent this from happening.

Thanks for the update!

I have also encountered this problem and, just like Vaidas, creating a new map in the same project also solved the issue. If it reappears I’ll try to track down why.

Hey Vaidas and Surface Tension -

I have been working on previous issues where there have been issues when rendering lighting with an Orthogonal Camera, for reference UE-11446. I have added the information found here into the report and will keep everyone informed as we work toward an issue.

Thank You Everyone -

Eric Ketchum