Point light source length resets

We have a big hexagonal room with neon lights on the inside edges. These lights are movable (because the room will turn on itself) point lights with a long source length. Behind the room, there is a big maze with about 30-40 lights, a lot are stationary/static and a few are movable.

When we look at the hexagonal room lights in a certain angle, they suddently shrink back to zero length

My first guess was that because there is a big room just beside, there might be too many lights on screen (although they’re hidden by the room walls but who knows) so with level streaming we disabled the room behind. It fixed the issue but caused another issue with Wwise which we cannot fix for the moment, so we can’t use level streaming.

I have tried destroying the lights in the second room at start but it doesn’t help.

Do you guys have any idea of what we can do to fix this? in advance

i also get this issue, did anyone solve this yet?

I’m also experiencing this problem.

Hey guys this issue is known and is in our bug tracking database. I would recommend using IES light profiles to get the same effect as a workaround.

You can find the report here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-26956)



This was reported a long time ago. It’s still not resolved in 4.19. Do we know when we can expect this get fixed?