Point light inside of translucent object

Towards the end of this video: Let's build this Unreal Niagara particle sim within 6 minutes - YouTube the creator says he created the very cool red light like so: “it’s honeslty just a point light and a sphere with a glass material.” So, I’ve tried some variations on this, but no matter what I try, the light out of the sphere in many cases seems to be white, or at least, shows as white on surfaces that reflect it.

What I’ve tried: I created a simple point light (whatever the default is). I created a simple sphere (whatever the default is). I placed the point light inside the sphere (as best as I can tell. I had to do it manually, I don’t know good ways to move objects around a scene yet).

Then, for material to apply to the sphere mesh, I’ve tried two:

  1. A simple translucent material with a little reflectivity. I’ve selected “two sided” for translucency. It’s pretty much identical to what you’d get as a result of following this tutorial: Using Transparency in Unreal Engine Materials | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation, including the “Using Transparency in Materials” step as well as the “transparency and reflections” step.

  2. A “Tinted or Colored Transparency” from the same tutorial: Using Transparency in Unreal Engine Materials | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

For both, when I set a simple cube mesh next to the light and mesh with one of the two above materials on it, the light on the cube appears to be white: asdf - Album on Imgur

What am I missing?

This is a point light inside a glass sphere in 4.25

as you can see, the light works but does nothing to the sphere. The material is just M_Glass. I might be the case that with certain glass materials, the sphere glows.

To get the effect the guy is talking about I think you’d be better off with a sphere using an emissive, because that looks right:

and as far as I know, in 4.26 emissive materials affect the environment.