[Plugin] Project Exodus - Unity to unreal scene converter

Project exodus is a unity to unreal conversion tool originally developed a few years ago. I’ve decided a new thread for the tool, as the original was quite old and got cluttered.


The project is currently available at github, under permissive bsd license and free of charge. There’s no catch.

There are limitations, of course and it is still work in progress.

Information from project page:

There are installation videos:

Unity side installation:

Unreal side installation:

To report problems, feel free to open issues on github.

Have fun.


This is great!

this is very cool and awesome

Very nice!

found one issue. If you export anything from Unity that has a mesh collider applied, it will crash UE4 upon import.

Please consider submitting a bug report with a test scene onto github.
Or at least a crash log.

I did test it with mesh colliders as well, so I need to know what is done differently compared to the test scenario.

Hi. I need crash log and likely the test scene.

The project on unity side includes “Mesh colliders” demo (debugScenes/Scenes/0010-Misc/MeshColliders) and it appears to still work.

So I need to know what is done differently in your case.

Regards, NegInfinity.

@NegInfinity Thanks for this - it’s awesome :slight_smile: I’m hoping for a 4.23 version :wink:

I’m having a problem here the unity part doesn’t work gives a lot of scripting errors

Hello everyone … I constantly have this error … Help please

Hi … Have you encountered such a mistake? When I load in ue4 I get this error and everything closes.

cool and great!

Hi NegInfinity, thanks for this great tool! I have a question: When ue4 import all the assets, the type is Actor in WorldOutliner. When I try to convert Actor to Static Mesh, the rotation of transform since change(-90 on Y Axis). I think is the problem the left/right hand in between Unity and UE4.

Is there a good way to solve it? Thank you.

I am CARLA simulator user, this project is awesome that I can pumping my unity scene to unreal engine in order to train autonomous vehicle in the CARLA simulator. Thanks @NegInfinity


You did really great work!
Totally amzazing.

Now I spent some time, to get myself into setting up Project Exodus and working with it.

I do use Project Exodus files from github, listed above.

I do use Unity 2018.3.14f1, Unreal Engine 4.26.2 and VisualStudio 2019.
It works great.

When I did the Export from Unity (P_EX_V8_Test01_01) and the Import at Unreal (P_EX_V8_Test01_02), I recognized, that when I do mirgrate the Unreal Contend, the Materials stay grey at the destination Project without the Project Exodus Plugin activated (P_EX_V8_Test01_06 and P_EX_V8_Test01_07).
No matter, if the destination Project is C++ or blueprint.

For better understanding, I attached screens.

How do I mirgrate the Unreal Contend to a Project, that does not use the Exodus Plugin?
Is there a way, to mirgrate a version of the materials, that do work without the Plugin?
Is there some kind of transformation?

The only way I got it working for now is to redo the whole materials.

Is there a more effective way?

Perhaps, I did do something wrong?

Please, do let me know.

Best Regards,

After creating the plugin folder and putting the ‘ExodusImport’ file, open it with generate visual studio project files.
‘this project does not have any source code. you need to add C++ source files to the project from the Editor before you can generate project files.’ A warning window pops up.


I would try the following:

  • open your “unity_unreal” project directly and see if UE manage to build the plugin
  • if not you have to make your “unity_unreal” project a C++/source project. For that you could just go and add an empty C++ class to your project, such as a blueprint function library.
    Then UE will generate a visual solution for your source file and pick-up code needing to be build in the plugins too.

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Thank you!!!

Is this being updated to latest Unity/UE5 at all?

support UE5 … please… :pray: :smiling_face_with_tear:

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