Plugin fails to load due to IMPLEMENT_SHADER_TYPE

I am writing a plugin to create a compute shader. I have been following multiple tutorials and was all ready to test out the code, but then the editor was unable to load the plugin. I checked the logs and it was unable to load the plugin’s DLL. I eventually narrowed down the cause to this one line. Currently I am using a shader containing only the entry point function, and nothing else. I have spent hours stuck on this, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

I figured out why my plugin failed to load. Everything I looked at online, all the info, examples, and a plugin I had made a few months, appears to be outdated. It looks like some changes have been made to how you write the C++ code connecting to your shader file is setup. You now have to declare your shader parameters either in a shader parameter struct, or change FShaderParameter _var to LAYOUT_FIELD(FShaderParameter, _var). I checked out some of the shader plugins used in the engine itself and they have all changed to this new format.