Please explain how to connect a character to a behaviour tree

Could somebody please explain in the simplest possible way how to connect a duplicated Third Person Character to a behaviour tree.

The official tutorial shows some mention of adding into the controller (which doesn’t work at all), some 3rd party video tutorials don’t mention it at all and some show setting it up via the actually character.

I’ve been following the tutorial for the random flying robot tutorial but in the video he presses play and everything works, mine just sits there finding vectors to move to but doesn’t move.

If someone could just explain how to get it to move to location x, y, z would be a great start but every video shows “lets do a follow the player or run away from the player”, not something I need.

Thanks for the response, my main question was do I attach the behaviour via the character or the ai controller.

However since I posted I have discovered that in my task blueprint if I set the finish execute as success it doesn’t work, if it isn’t set it does. Very strange.

Appears everything is currently working but thanks for the response.

Basically, the task nodes in the BT contain snippets of code. These snippets of code can call other code in the character:

For instance, I have a bird character. Part of the tree is

The ‘bird fly up’ node is a task like this

And the FlyUp code is in the character, just like normal.

The character needs AI, to use the BT. That’s set it in the character details:

Is it clearer?