Player state invalid after seamless travel causing destroy session

Hey everyone,

I stumbled upon an issue with the Playerstate being invalid after seamless travel, after match is InProgress(which waits until all players are connected). I have a custom PlayerState, and this was set in the Lobby as well, even though it was not being used. Although upon travel this caused the Player state to get invalid somehow, destroying the session.

Image of the errors:


In the lobby set the Playerstate to the default one, not the custom one.

Thanks. This help in my problem

What do you mean by “default one”?

Can you please explain the solution a bit more. I have the same problem but do not get a solution:

I tried also to set different player state in the two different levels. But then after server travel with seamless travel active the pawns will have still the lobby player state type. So, would be cool if you explain the “problem” and your solution a bit more. I described my problem in detail in the linked thread. Thanks a lot!


some explanation would be nice