Pixelated Light bake

So I haven’t seen this issue before. For some reason no matter what I do the light bake completely pixelates the shadow map on this mesh. Originally the walls were together, and it still had the same issue. I figured by splitting the mesh maybe that would fix it but it hasn’t. all of the lights in the level are baked, but this only is happening 4 meshes. This one and its mirror on the left side of the building, and the left and right of two other walls. I’ve forcibly removed precomputed light, removed light map compression and made sure the lightmap resolution should be high enough; removed the lightmass density and lightmass importance volumes and this issue persists. Does anyone know what’s going wrong?

Its your lightmap it looks like - make sure your bake is on the proper lightmap channel!

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This is amazing reply.

If someone else will have the same problem as topic starter or me, - take a look at your UVWs. Probably there are more than you need and your light map goes to the wrong one. Delete all wrong UVs, click Build - and wow, your light map is as good as it should be. Problem is solved!