Pixalated and soft shadows too soft

Hey guys, I’m having some problems with my tests.

1- Pixelated soft shadows, even on production build, with tweaks on World Settings and .ini file
2- The indirect shadow from the lamp on the wall/floor is too soft. Is there a way to make it darker and more prominent?

Lightmaps are ok and resolution on walls/floor/ceiling is 1024px, as well as the lamp. I used only Skylight + Directional (except in the bathroom, using the spot+plane technique). Light portals in all windows, as well as Lightmass Importance Volume.


I’d suggest NOT to touch the ini file!! It was needed before 4.17 with no multibounce skylight and no portals…
your bounce settings are way too high: after 10 bounces the rest will just mess up your lighting!!
If you want stronger/more detailed indirect shadows you should go around 0.6 with your smoothness setting!
And turn off compression on the lightmaps! That can also cause strange results…
For better result I would use an HDRI as the sky! With the default one you won’t get as nice and realistic results… not even close…