Pitch black shadows on megascans fixed! (one way to fix it)

Hi!! pitch black shadow problem in unreal 5?

If you are experiencing Pitch black shadows while importing Megascans, here’s how you fix it.
This is for when you are not getting any bounce light when using your directional light and skylight and there doesn’t seem to be a fix this way. Here is when it’s a Material problem ( I found out for myself). Sometimes these materials when imported from quixel or market place they are set to “Fuzz” or some otherthing when they should be set to “m_ms_default” which is what is giving off these pitchblack shadows. Change the material to foliage or default material when you go into editing the mesh. Even in the material Property overide section you can change it from “cloth” to something else and it will help. This will get rid of these black void shadows.



Thank you for that!!!

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Sorry for necro.
The issue is with the ambient ollcusion value being set to 0 on the fuzz MS master material.
Set it to 1 and the issue goes away.


Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much! I have been trying everything, this is the solution that finally worked for me!!

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