Photo Mode

[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]PHOTO MODE

[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]Now available on UE Marketplace.

**Video: **

Photo Mode is a tool, which will give your players an ability to capture screenshots of their gameplay moments.
You can also use it to make stunning pictures of your game, which will help you to promote it.

To use this mode you need to add BP_PhotoModeManager to your player controller and bind keys for “Activate/Deactivate Photo Mode” methods.
When you enter Photo Mode, the time is stopped, so you can fly around and capture even short, but gorgeous moments.
In Photo Mode you can adjust the final screenshot: change Field of View, Depth of Field, apply filters and much more.
You can also easily extend this mode to add your own controls and filters.

**Camera adjustments: **

  • Field of View
  • View Roll
  • Image Quality
  • Hide Player

**Depth of Field: **

  • DoF Intensity
  • Focal Distance
  • Focal Region
  • Auto Focus

**Color Management: **

  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Gamma
  • Gain

**Post-Process Effects: **

  • Vignette Intensity
  • Grain Intensity
  • Fringe Intensity
  • Image Filters
  • Filter Intensity

**20 Image Filters Available
Full gamepad support **
Reset buttons for each slider
Photo Adjustments widget animation

Default screenshot location is ProjectFolder/Saved/Screenshots.
However, in showcase level, you can read an instruction on how to change it to a custom location.
Two screenshot modes available - default mode, with an ability to take a screenshot with UI, and high-resolution screenshot mode.

**Advanced Third Person Player Blueprint with a fully-featured animation blueprint, IK setup for hands, railgun projectile and other things, is included as a bonus. **

Number of Blueprints: 28
Number of built-in filters: 9
Intended Platforms: Windows, Oculus Rift
Platforms tested: Windows, Oculus Rift
Documentation included in showcase level.

Price: 15$

More progress on Photo Mode.
Custom Third Person Character blueprint will be included into the project as a part of showcase level.





This is lookign amazing man. Well done. Crazy good price too!

Great tool i think, gg :wink:

Great work and a great idea! If it’s not already available, would you consider adding the option to auto-focus the depth of field? You could base it on whatever’s closest to the camera, or whatever’s centered in the shot.

Nice idea! I’m planning to release a version with features, which you can see in the video, and if the product will be popular, I will start to add more features.

Are you going to hav ea super sampling option like with the high-res screenshot options that are built in?

You can select a built-in high-res mode for screenshots inside Adjustments Widget, however sometimes it can produce visual artifacts, so I prefer to use other method and increase screenshot quality by changing screen percentage (Image Quality option), which will give you a much better and predictable result.

Photo Mode will be available on 29th March.

Too bad there’s already people selling the same thing (the new dialog system? everybody making this to sell now :confused:)
Yours look better though.

All these photo mode systems are cool and all, but come one, in the age of VR none offer 360 deg. stereo/mono shots?!

There are many projects on the marketplace, which offer the same thing, but with different features (like your save system). Having an alternative is always good, I think.

Looks really cool. Good job

After some technical issues, Photo Mode now available on UE Marketplace.

A new update has been submitted. Hope it will be released soon.

What’s new:
Fixed trace response for camera collision in Photo Pawn.
Fixed issue, when PhotoMode’s DoF method could be rewritten by existing Post Process Volume on the level.
Reset buttons have been added to parameter sliders.
Gain slider has been added to Color Management tab.

Hey @Kelheor,
there is a conflict with the ‘Panda studio’ product (same name) in the browser Marketplace page, yours product isn’t displayed without follow your link…

… It’s Ok now

The product hadn’t displayed because it wasn’t published at the time. In the morning I had a long conversation with Epic Staff about it. They said that due to that two projects have similar names (which is false in technical terms, but who cares), my project wasn’t being published. I don’t know what happened really, but now everything should be ok.

Update now available for downloading.

Hi Kelhor, @motorsep has a good point. I purchased in-photography to procedurally generate Item Icons, Player Portraits, and more. However, my plate is full and I would rather purchase in-game Photograph System that would provide these features instead. Just something to consider with all the competition. Icons / Player Portraits, using 360 deg. stereo/mono shots would be freaking cool.