Performance drop every 3 seconds or so

I am getting a severe performance drop roughly every 3 seconds, I can get a pretty stable 60fps on my game and then there will be a massive spike in the gamethread which looks to freeze the game for a tiny amount of time, but it is very frustrating.

I am pretty new to profiling so I’m not exactly sure what I am looking for, I’ve looked all over the internet trying to find sources to help me.

Although there is a lot of CPU stalls on the actual spike it seems I think this will be GPU based. I’ve attached a picture below which shows the frame before the peak of the spike with a lot going on in the render thread.

SlateDrawWindowsCommand / present time? What does this mean and is this the cause of my troubles?

Below is a link to the profiling data if anyone wanted to have a look at this. Please help!

Please look at this thread which will answer your question: Slate RT Present Time - UI - Unreal Engine Forums