PC desktop x same notebook with configuration, is there a loss of performance in the note?

Saldations to all!
I develop my VR designs for Rift on a PC GTX 1060 I5 6 generation 16 gb ram
I intend to invest in a VR notebook with the same configuration. I ask if I can have a performance drop on the notebook compared to the desktop PC.

It’s not too much, but Notebooks don’t have the power, and cooling of a desktop. A laptop with exact specs of a desktop isn’t going to be as great. Laptops have more processes running for power management, and integrated displays. Usually 30% more. I would say a Laptop with similar specs would be about 10% less efficient. If not more, but you’ll never find a laptop, and desktop with exact specs to compare. You can always rent a laptop, and test it. Some companies are renting gaming laptops.

Unfortunately no company in my city rents notebooks for games, my concern is more with the GPU. By your analysis, will we lose 10% will it mean a 10% loss in FPS? My project is running at 70 FPS, in the limit so there is no discomfort, if there is this loss, 60fps will complicate my plans to present my product to the customer, is that right? Opting for a notebook with GTX 1070 may be the solution to make up for this loss?

We develop using also a high end laptop (ASUS G752VS, but there are equivalent ones from MSI, Dell, etc.) It has an i7 CPU, 40 GB of RAM, a GTX 1070 and come with a decent cooling system at the expense of form factor and weight. Usually it works well and it is pretty stable once you clean it form all the crappy software it comes with. Performances are good.

This said, I had to turn off CPU overclocking because it was causing crashes. In addition, when under intense stress from CPU/GPU, I noted it tends to overheat a bit. Got some blue screens from time to time, but I suspect this is more due to the power supply not being able to keep up with the demand of current. This got better after turning off CPU OC like mentioned before.

Marco. I’m thinking of Msi Ge62vr I7 7700 15 + gtx1060 6gb + ssd128 + 1tb + 16gb.
As I said earlier, my desktop has similar configuration: GTX 1060 16gb ram I5 6 generation. My question is if I lost performance on the notebook compared to my PC, if theoretically as our friend thadkinsjr said here in this post, I will lose 10% being in the note.In fact I do not worry about overheating because I will use the msi notebook only for presentation to the customer and not to develop. If it were not for the price difference I would already opt for a note with gtx 1070.

I have a Laptop with GTX1070, and it’s pretty good. I would go with the best Gpu, and Cpu you can get as they aren’t changeable in laptops. You can upgrade hdd, and ram, but everything else is soldered. I would say 10% across the board in terms of Computer resources. It doesn’t always translate to a drop in FPS. I havent had overheating issues, and I don’t overclock. MSI is fine make sure it’s a 6gb gpu. Asus, Acer, HP, and Dell makes some models that are priced competitively. The thing is if you choose an I5, and a 1060 you cant ever upgrade.

That’s right, the correct is to opt for GTX 1070 I7. I was afraid of risking an I5 GTX 1060 (configuration of my PC) and not having the same performance on an equivalent laptop, I will make the best decision. Thank you for your consideration.