PBR Pistol opinions

I’d like to ask you for opinion about textures of my pistol model. The model itself is quite old and not accurate so please judge mostly material.
I used it only for PBR practice, I’ve made Albedo, Normal, Roughness and Metallic textures. What do you guys think?

Pistol by Mikołaj Spychał on Sketchfab

Nice bro!!

Thank you :wink:

Is there any way to change the hdri background? It’s way too dark. I changed the shading to shadeless and I could see alot more of your hard work done. It looks great but yeah the shader is taking out all your detail (in that scene anyways)

Strange, it looks good on my monitor and on other devices, anyway I’ve increased brightness of light now. As far as I know, only I can change backgrounds, and I wanted it to be some urban/inside environment :slight_smile:

It looks too dark as others said.

Now it should be better :slight_smile: