Path tracing mesh quality

Hi, I noticed that meshes get basically destroyed in Path tracing. Is there any good documentation, besides the one from 4.27 doc?

Or can anyone explain what causes some really high quality meshes to be ruined in Path?

I know it doesn’t work well with nanite meshes, I’m talking about non-nanite meshes.


What does ruined mean in this context? Unnaturally decimated, or texture stretching, or lighting artifacts?

Imagine if you remash it by 90% and it morphs into a worse version of itself.

Like LOD5-6 zoomed in :D. Same effect that nanite meshes have on path tracing. But I’m concerned because Non-nanite meshes behaved strangely aswell. they become re-shaped.

Are you forcing the geo to be on LOD0 at all time while using path tracing?

Yes. That doesn’t seem to be helping at all.

I will compare the two soon and show the pictures to have a better understanding of what I’m talking about. Thanks!

Hi. I got the same problem. Switch off nanite in propreties of mesh

Ah, so the proxy geometry?

You can get nanite to support full-res geometry with raytracing.nanite 1. Without Nanite however, your memory consumption will likely be pretty extraordinary.