Parts of high poly mesh disappearing when Nanite is activated

Hey all. I’ve imported a high poly Mesh from Blender into Unreal Engine 5. It looks fine until Nanite is activated, at which point many parts of the mesh just vanish. Images attached for reference.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this issue?

Thank you!


Might be flipped normals. If you look from the inside out of the tree, can you see those parts?

Also can you share a wireframe of the tree?

Hi @pezzott1

When I look from inside the tree I don’t see those parts. Here’s the wireframe of the tree, both without and with Nanite enabled.

But Nanite meshes are not visible in wireframe. At least not for me. :thinking:
For Example:

  1. Can you see the mesh in Nanite Visualization | Overview?

  2. Does the same happen with other meshes?

I don’t see an option to display wireframe in the Nanite visualization. Once I have applied Nanite I can display wireframe in the main viewfinder window.

Just started working with UE5 today. Some other meshes I imported seemed okay. But this mesh is struggling for some reason.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this issue?

My initial thought was normals or something with the topology but looking at the wireframe can’t really see anything, it’s all a solid color.

Sorry wasn’t much help.

No worries, thank you for the suggestions!

I think what your seeing is the proxy mesh; hence, why it’s lowpoly and why it shows up in wireframe view.