Particles freeze when using Movie Render Queue

When I try to render a sequence from Movie Render Queue, everything looks great except for my particles (fountain). They play once, but then freeze for the duration of the render. In other words, they don’t seem to be looping. Anyone know how to fix this?…ntain.gif?dl=0

I have the same problem. In MRQ in the anti-aliasing section before I had the Temporal Sample Count 64 value, bringing it to the value of 4 the freezing problem is not there but we have a lower anti-aliasing quality. I am testing with particles from the WaterVFX package. It seems to me that you also have a particles from the same package. Have you found any solution?

None of the particles from the Marketplace I tried seem to be compatible with MRQ when using anti-aliasing.

Does anybody know if the old Cascade Particle System is not compatible with Movie Render Queue?

Still no solution.

I give up an Cascade long time ago, and moved to Niagara.