Particles are not following the vector field properly.

I am trying to use UE4 are a tool for visualizing scientific data and using particles to show field lines seemed like a good idea. However, even though I made a mathematically perfect flow field I was unable to get it to follow the field properly. I made the field global and I made the particles have a tightness of 1. No matter what I did the resulting lines spiraled in to a point or out of the field even though it should be a perfect circular motion.

Further, when looking at the same spiral from above I could see that it was pulsing slightly. Growing larger, then smaller, then larger again. Is there a way for the particles to obey the field perfectly? Or is it not going to be accurate because of optimization steps taken?

I am not afraid of coding and I might be willing to remake the entire field or the particle motion system. The only idea I have is to write an algorithm that spawns a billboard with the material of choice and place it around inside manually using C++ or making a custom shape by generating a thin tube to represent the shape.

Any input would be very helpful.