ParticleComponent setBeamSourcePoint doesn't work

auto pos = GetActorLocation();
auto rayStart = pos + GetActorForwardVector() * 2.0f;
auto laserVector = GetActorForwardVector() * length;
auto laserEmitter = laserParticle->EmitterInstances[0];

	laserEmitter->SetBeamTargetPoint(pos , 0);
	laserEmitter->SetBeamSourcePoint(FVector(100.0f, 100.0f, 100.0f), 0);

so I wanted to a laser, but I can’t seem to set the source point. The source point is always set to its initial position and seems like it’s immutable, I have set source point to “absolute” in the particle editor but it doesn’t change anything. I don’t know if it’s an engine bug or I just didn’t do it right.

I think I have solved the problem…

turns out there’s some default module in the emitter that you can’t delete, otherwise the setSourcePoint won’t work no matter what settings your have.

It’s either initialColor or initialVelocity, I didn’t try it out but if somebody experience this problem in the future, hopefully this will help